Oral Exam Prep

The oral examination consists of three hours with six examiners. An hour each is devoted to Obstetrics, Gynecology and Office practice concentrations. Half of the examination is directed at questions from the submitted case list and other half consists of Case of the Day/Scenarios.

OB/GYN Board Prep has been assisting candidates in preparing for their ORAL examination since 1987. With over three decades of experience, our courses for the ORAL examination have captured the perfect balance between technique and content. We will teach you how to construct your case list, review your case list, and how to predict questions based on the cases you have.

OB/GYN Board Prep courses and webinars cover the most commonly asked questions, high-yield scenarios, structured case of the day, and extensive mock oral exposure. It is the MOST ATTENDED LIVE ONLINE COURSE in the country.

Our oral exam review courses are listed below. Please do not hesitate to call our office at 877-831-1565 and our administrative assistants will be happy to assist you.

Must Pass Oral Study Camp (On location or by Live Interactive Webcast depending on Covid Situation)

This program is designed as an intimate study group which is strictly limited to a small group of candidates. Moderated by Board Certified Faculty members, all areas of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Office Practice and Women’s Health will be covered daily. Emphasis will be placed on topic headings from the case list. Each program attendee will be asked questions, and group “mock orals” will uncover knowledge weaknesses and also vulnerabilities in presentation technique prior to the oral examination. This meeting is 2.5 days; hours are 8 AM – 5 PM Day 1 and 2; 8 AM – 12 PM (noon) on Day 3

Reasons to Attend a Must Pass Oral Study Camp

  • Be fully aware, in advance, of the topics which will be covered during your ABOG/AOBOG  Board Exam
  • Optimal learning environment: seating is limited to only 6-8 candidates per camp, allowing focused attention from moderators.
  • Gain confidence by knowing exactly what an oral exam consists of, what information the Board Examiners require.
  • Learn how to verbalize and answer oral exam questions in the manner that the board examiners require.
  • Learn how to avoid the traps in which the Board examiners may attempt to place ("corner") you.
  • Prepare in advance, and gain the knowledge needed in order to prepare for mystifying Oral Board exams.
  • Only review course of its kind with personalized attention you cannot achieve at a lecture course.

This course is limited to a small focus group.

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Our informative seminars are given at several convenient locations across the country throughout the year, allowing candidates from all areas to attend these sessions and receive the most successful board review currently available. Our popular sessions fill up fast, so candidates are encouraged to reserve their spot early.

Oral Case List Preparation Live Interactive Webcast

A must for all candidates preparing for the Oral boards. Case list review prior to submission is one of the most important steps in the preparation for the oral board. The Case List is the key element in deciding whether you pass or fail. A haphazardly prepared list will doom your oral exam.

At our live webinars and Case list construction courses you will learn the common pitfalls and traps to avoid when preparing your list. During our Webcast your list will be thoroughly evaluated for common errors by a qualified faculty member. Private one-on-one review.

Mock Oral Live interactive webcast

This Webcast is a must for all candidates preparing for the oral examination. Participating in a mock oral prior to your oral exam by a board certified faculty member can make the difference in how you prepare and perform on the exam. Don't wait until your assigned exam date to find vulnerable gaps in your knowledge. This Webcast can provide you with the expertise needed to defend your case list and solve difficult "unknown" Case of the Day Scenarios. A qualified faculty member will be assigned to each candidate.


Unlimited access to sessions focusing on Case List Preparation and Mock Oral Preparation, as well as the ONLY BOARD REVIEW COURSE to offer LIVE online mock oral exams. Nightly lectures and mock orals are given to participating candidates by Board Certified Faculty Members. Nightly attendance encouraged. Candidates can submit their case list via email PDF file to OB/GYN Board Prep, which is then critiqued online by one of our Board Certified Faculty members.

Online Case List Construction

July and Selected Mondays 9:00pm - 10:00pm EST

An ongoing course that teaches candidates how to effectively construct their case list and avoid common pitfalls and traps, as well as explanations of software input, approved abbreviations and more.

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Online Case List Critique and Review

Monday-Thursday 9:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Unlimited access to weekly case list reviews performed by a Board Certified faculty member. Each candidate on request will receive a 30-minute online case review that highlights common errors.

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Oral Mock and Case List Exams

Monday-Thursday and Selected Sundays 9:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Monthly access to the ONLY ONLINE MOCK ORAL EXAMS available from a board review course, focusing on case list preparation and review, and strategic approaches to answer commonly asked questions. Learn how to verbalize and answer oral exam questions from the convenience of your own home or office. All sessions are LIVE and recorded for listening at later date.

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Private Tutoring with Faculty Member


2-hour phone mock oral on your case list with a Board Certified faculty member. Get exposed to the commonly asked questions asked on the actual exam. Each category of your case list reviewed. A must before taking your exam!

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Home Study Guides

Our home study packages/services for the Oral Exam are an excellent choice for those candidates whose schedule may not allow for other review methods.

The following Home Study options are available:

  • Home study review material delivered USPS Priority on a flash drive, or digitally through DropBox email invitation.
  • Access to our nightly webinars which focus on case list preparation/review and/or mock oral examinations administered by a board-certified faculty member.
  • Private telephone tutorial or mock oral exam sessions which are available in two-hour-blocks.

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Package Options

Review packages for the ABOG/AOBOG Oral Exam are available. Options are nightly webinars, private tutoring with a board-certified faculty member, live courses, mock exams, and home study guides. Multiple package levels are available. These can be specifically designed for previous oral exam failures, or candidates seeking extra assistance.

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NIGHTLY LIVE & Interactive Webinars