I just found out that I passed the oral board exam I took on 01/13/2014. I just want to say a big thank you to you, Dr. Walls and all the other faculties for the webinars and mock orals. Your inputs and contributions were very resourceful and handy for the exam and it made the preparation more focused and précised. For those of you preparing for the 2014 exam, start to enrich our knowledge right away with the webinar now and consolidate your knowledge with the mock orals later on.

I wish you a great and wonderful week.

- CE, MD

I am absolutely delighted to advise you of my success in the OB/GYN Board Examinations in January! I wish to thank you and your Faculty for the excellent coaching and targeted preparation for the exams. I am deeply indebted to you and your staff for dedicating such quality time with stimulating questions and targeted teaching. Your course has significantly contributed to my success.

Many thanks again! My family and friends are elated!

- Donna Sinclair, MD

I passed my November 9, 2006 oral board exam! Taking Dr. Wall's Dallas session right before the oral exam was so great; I have been recommending it to all my colleagues. I took two other prep courses, but could not have passed the oral exam without Dr. Wall's Mock Oral session in Dallas. Everyone was great at the sessions. Thank you very much.

- Thuc Tran

Very positive opinion re: Dr Wall's course and mock orals. Most productive several hours during the entire board prep process. Board prep written material also very useful - very - even if you don't have the opportunity for the mock orals. Very motivating and interesting. Results among the best. Two thumbs way up.

- JD Stewart, M.D.

I just want to let others know that you are real and genuine, not just a fluke. I was very hesitant signing up with you, but in all honesty, desperate to pass those written boards. Even though it is a business, you care. You know exactly what to study, eat, and focus on to get Board certified. Your home study material and private tutorial is definitely the way to go, especially for undisciplined people like myself.

- Cynthia C., M.D.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have worked with me and believed in me for so very long. This time around, the advice about my presentation and demeanor were invaluable. That coupled with my increased time spent in doing the study and review needed worked. Thank you, thank you for the abdominal sacrospinous ligament vaginal suspension. They asked and I rocked it!

- Mary K. Palmore, M.D.

I am writing to thank you and compliment you on some remarkable achievements. I have recently received my letter from ABOG congratulating me on my success in attaining board certification...

You also helped me prepare for my written exam which I had to re-take in 1999 in order to sit for the orals in 2000. I count at least five ABOG exams which have been passed on first attempt of which I have first-hand knowledge. Your 100% pass rate just among my practice is quite remarkable.

- Carl B. Edwards , M.D.

Just received my congratulatory letter, and I am riding on Cloud 9! I wish to let you know that I found your seminar for the oral exam of the American Board of OB/GYN the single best preparation I could have had. This, along with reading the Prologues and materials you presented were priceless.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering preparation for this important exam. This will do wonders to increase the confidence at this critical time.

- Patrick Fiero, M.D.

I am writing to thank you for your time and dedication to helping your fellow colleague pass the written and/or oral OB/GYN Exam. I am someone who failed the written exam on six occasions but now I can proudly say that I passed! I attended your course in Chicago and it was beneficial. I appreciate not having all the lectures but being able to attend your course with the knowledge, and learning how to apply it in reference to answering, interpreting, and factoring time into proposed questions.

- Sharon Smith, M.D.

This is an examination that is bedeviled with anxiety and trepidation by most examinees. As a result of your meticulous review of my caselist, your in-depth questioning at the oral session and your positive inputs, I went to the examination with some element of confidence. This all paid off with the receipt of the congratulatory letter from the board. I can now practice the medicine that I enjoy without the added burden of not being board certified.

- C. Funsho Fagbohun, M.D., PhD

I think it is quite a remarkable thing that you have been able to guide me and three of my partners through a total of five ABOG exams with 100% success. All of us were taking these exams with different situations and histories, but we all achieved the same successful result. I will be forever grateful for your assistance. I would recommend your courses to anyone facing these tests, whether the person had failed the test before or were taking the test for the first time. Thank you!

- Carl B. Edwards, M.D.

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