Daily Exam Question - Feb. 20 2014 - Fetal Circulation

By drwall
February 20, 2014

In the fetal maternal circulation, where is the highest pa02 found?

A. Uterine Artery

B. Umbilical Artery

C. Umbilical vein

D. Hypogastric artery

E. Uterine Vein

Answer: A

Williams Obstetrics 23rd Edition - Page 89-90

With regard to fetal circulation:

Maternal Uterine Artery PO2 ~ 90-100 > Umbilical Artery PO2 ~ 20

Maternal Uterine Vein PO2 ~40mmHg   > Umbilical Vein PO2 ~30mmHg

Umbilical Vein PO2 ~30 - 35mmHg   > Umbilical Artery PO2 ~20mmHg

Daily Exam Question - Written/MOC


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