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By drwall
February 3, 2014

Which of the following malignancies are most commonly diagnosed during pregnancy?

A. Leukemia

B. Breast Cancer

C. Genital Tract Cancer

D. Malignant Melanoma

E. Colorectal Carcinoma

Answer: B


Pg. 1258 Williams OB. 22nd Edition

New Gyn Oncology prolog states that breast cancer is the most likely to be diagnosed around the time of pregnancy

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in non-pregnant and pregnant women [1]. Up to 20 percent of breast cancers in women under age 30 are pregnancy-associated, but fewer than 5 percent of breast cancers diagnosed in women under age 50 are detected during pregnancy or in the postpartum period [2,3].

Pregnancy-associated or gestational breast cancer is a relatively uncommon event. The incidence of pregnancy-associated breast cancer (for the prenatal to postpartum period) is approximately 15 to 35 per 100,000 deliveries, with fewer breast cancer cases diagnosed during pregnancy than during the first postpartum year [4-7]. The incidence of pregnancy-associated breast cancer appears to be increasing as more women delay childbearing [6,8].

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