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By drwall
January 31, 2014

Which of the following physical exam findings is least likely associated with virlilization?

A. Deepening of voice

B.  Facial hair

C. Clitoromegaly

D. Crown balding

E. Acne

Answer: D - Normal scalp hair pattern is associated hirsuitism However with virilization one can see Temporal balding. Balding hair patterns with men usually begin temporally then to the crown. Virilization is also associated with deepening of the voice, temporal balding, acne, acanthosis nigricans, facial hair ( usually severe), Mid line hair (chest, abdomen, and arms) clitoromegaly. Labs ordered initially in the work up of hirsuitism is: TSH, Prolactin, Testosterone, DHEAS, lipids, insulin

Speroff 7th Edition Page 505 - Virilization

Daily Exam Question - Written/MOC


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