MOC - Maintenance of Certification year VI Part III - Webinars

By drwall
January 29, 2014

Listen to the ONLY LIVE MOC webinars to prepare you for the Year VI part III MOC written exam. Webinars can be purchased monthly for only $495.00.  We hold 10-14 webinars per month. Tue and Thur - Test Selective exams in Office, Gyn, OB, Ob/Gyn Office Practice. We are the only board review that holds live test taking webinars. All webinars are saved and can be viewed at a later date if you are unable to attend live.

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Current Recorded Webinar: (Archived by Denise Mcsherry, Wed, Nov 20, 2013 10:47 AM CST)
2013-11-19 20.01 2014 Dr Wall_s MOC_WRITTEN Prep
Live Interactive Webinar


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