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Package options allow board candidates to take a multi-faceted approach to their written exam review. These packages include unlimited access to our nightly webinars with additional components to supplement the review process, which may include a live course, private mentor sessions, and home study materials. Different package levels are available depending on each individual’s desired extent of review.

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  • 2022 Written Exam Comprehensive Study Program 1 (33)

    • Unlimited webinar study sessions via GoToWebinar. Nightly webinars review high yield topics and Test taking tips. Exams administered weekly online. Exams included with 2022 lecture file and ACOG bulletin summaries.
    • 2022 Written Exam Prep Course (Choose one course).
    • Save when you purchase a course and webinars ($195.00!).
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  • 2022 Written Exam - Comprehensive Study Program 2 (34)

    • Unlimited webinar study sessions from October, 2021 - July, 2022. Webinars commence October, 2021 - July, 2022. Exams included are covered on webinar and Dr. Wall's 5 Star Study Guide.
    • Written Exam course included in program (choose one course)
    • Virtual Must Pass Study Camp included in program: (June 25-26 or July 16-17, 2022) Please call 218-651-1565 with your choice of Study Camp
    • Save when you purchase Course, Camp, & Webinars ($100!)
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  • 2022 Written Exam - Comprehensive Study Program 3 (35)

    • Unlimited webinars ($1,795 Value)
    • Private weekly tutorials with a faculty mentor up to 0.5 hours per week for 3 months (8 Hours) ($1,980 Value)
    • Choose one Virtual Written Course ($1,395 Value) and one Virtual Written Study Camp ($1,695 Value)
    • 2021-22 Comprehensive Written Home Study Included ($2,015 Value)
    • Total savings of $1,385 for this package! Also available Delivered electronically, or shipped USPS on flash drive.
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