2020-2021 Dr. Wall's (Oral) CERTIFYING WRITTEN EXAM WEBINARS (155)

By edgar.gonzalez
November 13, 2020


Starting October, 2020 – mid January, 2021 Monday – Thursday from 9pm – 10pm EST.
NOTE: Webinar sessions usually commence at the beginning of each month. Should you register within the month you will receive the archived recordings from the beginning of that month.
The Oral Webinars have been transitioned to accommodate the change in format of the ABOG Oral Examination in February 2021. Per ABOG Update, this is a temporary, one-year change in format to prioritize safety and minimize health risks for candidates, examiners, and staff due to the evolving COVID-19 situation.


Exam questions to assess the breadth of our specialty including questions in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Office practice. We will cover mainly multiple choice questions, clinically based. Over the course of the day we will assess your knowledge, judgement and skills to practice as a specialist. Our course will be 30% OB, GYN, and Office and 10% cross content. Includes all lecture topics covered- sent to you by DropBox emailed invitation. ALL SESSIONS ARE ARCHIVED AND SAVED FOR 90 DAYS - FOR LISTENING AT A LATER DATE.

Cost for Unlimited sessions until your exam is $995.00.

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For further information call Debbie at 218-651-1565


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