2020 COMPREHENSIVE Written Home Study for ABOG/AOBOG Exams (40)

By aditid.koley
August 20, 2020


A must for all candidates taking 2020 exam! Includes over 800 test questions and explanations – The MOST EXTENSIVE Home study offered.
Please choose electronic, or physical delivery of the Live Course and Study materials. Or call 218-651-1565 for delivery options.

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2020 COMPREHENSIVE Written Home Study for ABOG/AOBOG/CREOG EXAMS - Have questions? PLEASE CALL 218-651-1565

This COMPREHENSIVE Written Home Study includes over 800 test questions and explanations with references from major textbooks and ACOG Bulletins. All material focuses on topics outlined in the 2020 Written Bulletin. This is the most extensive home study offered.

  • 2020 audio recorded links of a live course with exam questions (answers and explanations discussed).
  • 2020 EXAM FILE (12 Exams of 50 Questions each - in PDF & PPT formats) - (correlates with the audio discussion of questions)..
  • 2020 Dr. Wall's 5 Star Study Guide with Illustrations
  • 200- Study Essay Question file  - This includes extensive explanations of common board topics with the associated test questions
  • Select Committee Opinion Summaries with Highest Yield info
  • Select Practice Bulletin Summaries with Highest Yield info
  • Plus OB-GYN Illustrated Guide by Dr. Brian Tesler (Physical delivery only for this item). Back in stock!
  • Material is provided on flash drive for ease of shipping, or electronically through DropBox emailed invitation.
  • Residents and Diplomats find this study material very helpful when preparing for the M-O-C and certification exams.

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