2021 Mock Oral Live Interactive Webcast: Saturday September 18, 2021 (52)

By obgynboardprep
June 23, 2021


Live Interactive Webcast – September 18, 2021 9a – 5p EDT. One day seminar, covering all your bases regarding Oral examination. Biggest pitfalls! Ways to improve! What to say when you don’t know! Learn what will happen and how to prepare for the big day.

Live Interactive Webcast. For more info or to register by phone, call 218-651-1565.


2021 Mock Oral Live interactive webcast Seminar

9am - 5pm - EDT - One Day

A must for all candidates preparing for the Oral Examination! Having mock orals prior to your exam by Board Certified Faculty members can make all the difference in how you perform on your examination. Don’t wait until your exam to find your areas of weakness. This session can provide you with the expertise needed to defend your case list and solve "difficult" Case of the Day scenarios.

Each exam simulates an actual board exam. As a candidate you need to participate in 10 hours of individualized mock orals to scale the exponential learning curve and reach a comfort level to be ready for the oral exam.

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For further information, please call Debbie at 218-651-1565


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