2021 Written Exam Prep: May 29 - 30, 2021 (formerly Atlanta, Georgia) (66)

By aditid.koley
August 20, 2020


All Written Courses are being delivered by LIVE STREAMING INTERACTIVE WEBCAST, due to Covid-19 restrictions in many states. 
Webcast materials provided electronically.
Please call Debbie or Laurie for additional information at 218-651-1565, or register online.


2021 Written Preparation Course for the ABOG/AOBOG Exam

Two days from 8am-5pm EST.

Over 650 test questions covered on core topics outlined in the ABOG Bulletin. Timed 50 question exams given every hour to test your knowledge. Each question discussed by Board Certified Faculty member. Test taking techniques reviewed. Lectures given daily. Emphasis on "least likely" and "most common" questions from recent ACOG publications

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Cost:$ 1,395.00

For further information call Debbie or Laurie at 218-651-1565


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