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Mock Oral Live Seminars

A must for all candidates preparing for the Oral Examination. Having mock orals prior to your exam by several Board Certified Faculty members can make all the difference in how you perform on your examination. Don’t wait until your actual exam to declare your deficiencies in knowledge. This course can provide you with the expertise needed to defend your case list and practice oration prior to your examination.

One faculty member is assigned per two - three candidates. Each exam simulates an actual board exam. Case of the Day scenarios also reviewed. Most candidates need at least 10 hours of individualized mock orals to scale the exponential learning curve to reach comfort level to be ready for the exam. Declare your vulnerabilites before your exam, not at the exam. This is the second most popular course OB/GYN Board Prep offers! Sign up early, only two courses offered in the month of October. This is the only course of its kind! 

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